Our Team

We are a small firm by choice made up of exceptional professionals who bring discerning perspective, analytic rigor, and creative solutions to each and every engagement. In addition to being attorneys, most of our professionals hold other advanced degrees (MBAs) and/or have extensive experience in running and managing companies and developing businesses. Our firm’s leaders are all seasoned professionals with decades of experience delivering real value to our clients. We are also very selective about talent and only bring on board individuals of the highest caliber who can meaningfully contribute to our clients’ success. Our team includes individuals who have broad business experience and advanced degrees and are experts in Lean Six Sigma and project management. Through the caliber of our team, their depth and breadth of expertise, and our adherence to industry best practices we are confident in our ability to deliver powerful, timely, and cost effective fulfillment of your priority objectives.

Paul S. Nicolosi
Direct: 815-265-6122
Email: pnicolosi@nicgal.com


Mr. Nicolosi provides highly personalized counsel to individuals, family, and closely held businesses, nonprofits, and local governments. His clients appreciate his availability, familiarity, and attentiveness to the issues that are important to them. They routinely turn to him for quick input on routine matters and guidance on the strategic, personal, and business issues that impact their lives. Mr. Nicolosi’s advice is grounded in a solid command of the law, business, his personal experience in owning and operating closely held family businesses, and serving in senior management of national organizations.

Mr. Nicolosi’s decades of experience along with his expertise in the law, finance, economics, and business strategy all come together to provide his clients with highly effective input on their issues. His advice is sought on a wide variety of issues including those involving governance, debt & equity planning, mergers & acquisitions, economic development, inter-governmental collaborations, public private partnerships, facility planning and site selection initiatives, economic incentive procurement, and owner’s agency services for capital projects. Mr. Nicolosi is a seasoned commercial transaction and public entity attorney with more than 25 years of experience. He regularly speaks and writes on financial topics, is a respectful and passionate advocate for his clients, and has a remarkable ability to help clients and their teams achieve goals

Gino Galluzzo
Direct: 815-265-6142
Email: ggalluzzo@nicgal.com


Gino Galluzzo represents businesses, their owners, non-profit and governmental entities. He works closely with his client’s leadership team applying his business acumen to the law, thereby providing his clients with practical and contextual advice. Mr. Galluzzo counsels business clients through entity selection, financing, business acquisitions and dispositions, including buy-sell agreements, mergers, succession planning, shareholder/partner relationship issues and other day-to-day business issues which arise. He has extensive experience in commercial real estate development matters, advising his clients through facility construction, mechanic’s liens, leasing, real estate purchases, sales and other related issues. His experience in real estate includes providing site selection services to clients, procuring economic incentives and negotiating appropriate incentive terms to maximize the value of those incentives. He regularly works on incentive deals in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, working with client’s finance departments to assist in the comparison of the over-all cost of doing business analysis of different states.

On behalf of our municipal clients, Mr. Galluzzo has successfully directed a number of sizable and complex multi-million-dollar public-private partnership projects from concept through all phases of execution. He has counseled municipalities and school districts through infrastructure and facility expansion projects, entitlement issues and the identification, negotiation and implementation of various economic development tools, state and federal grants. His clients value his knowledge of tax increment financing, abatement agreements, enterprise zones, special taxing districts, sales tax rebate agreements, impact fees and the use of available state and federal tax credits

Thom Keeling
Direct: 973-452-0171
Email: tkeeling@nicgal.com


Thom Keeling leverages his extensive experience in strategy development, operations, and management to bring unique perspectives and valuable insights to his clients. He has held senior management positions in several Fortune 500 companies and has a track record of growing businesses profitably. Over the course of his career Mr. Keeling has provided strategic advisory services to companies in a broad range of industries including: information technology, financial services, business services, petro-chemicals, transportation, medical products and services, building supplies, automotive after-market, agri-business and consumer products. Mr. Keeling has helped his clients develop and execute well designed strategies and programs including market entry into adjacent markets and new geographies, new product introductions, acquisitions, partnerships, divestitures, corporate reengineering and turn-arounds, business continuity planning, business consolidations, business relocations, organizational design, and process optimization.

Gregory E. Cox
Direct: 815-265-6237
Email: gcox@nicgal.com


Gregory Cox focuses his practice in business transactions, health care law, and civil litigation. He has practiced in the Rockford area for more than 30 years. Mr. Cox has represented clients in mergers and acquisitions and other major business ventures. He has initiated and shepherded the passing of legislation on behalf of several clients at both the state and federal level, has acted as general counsel to several businesses, and has been lead counsel in major civil litigation, primarily representing health care institutions and physicians, including multiple jury trials. He has argued numerous times before the appellate courts in Illinois and in Wisconsin, and argued before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has acted as general counsel for several health care practices including a large multi-specialty practice and has advised on labor and employment issues, credentialing and Q/A Q/I issues. He has been general counsel to a number of communities in Illinois and has acted as special counsel to counties in Illinois and Wisconsin. Mr. Cox has participated in alternative dispute resolution, both as a party representative and as an arbitrator. Mr. Cox is an arbitrator and mentor for Illinois’s 17th Judicial Circuit, having been chosen as a charter member of each program.

Courtney Cocciemiglio
Direct: 815-265-6280
Email: ccocciemiglio@nicgal.com


In addition to her law degree, Ms. Cocciemiglio holds a degree in architecture and a master’s degree in business administration. Utilizing her education along with her project planning experience, she skillfully helps clients oversee the scoping, budgeting and managing of capital projects. Ms. Cocciemiglio is particularly adept at helping clients segregate capital projects into work-packets which allow clients to obtain optimal pricing, identify qualified bidders, and eliminate redundancies and gaps between service providers. Her organized, intelligent and friendly approach allows her to be an integral part of client projects. Ms. Cocciemiglio’s practice also includes advising clients on the regulatory issues that impact the development of real property including zoning, entitlements, economic development incentives, and other routine issues.


Kevin Schauer
Analyst / Paralegal
Direct: 815-265-6173
Email: kschauer@nicgal.com


In addition to his Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies, Mr. Schauer holds a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and public management. He skillfully uses his education, along with his project planning experience to help clients address the financial issues involved in their projects, including the ability to compare the financial impact of a wide range of optional variables (what-if-scenarios) to help finance capital projects. He also uses his skill to help clients develop and monitor project budgets and address the financial impacts of known unknowns. He works closely with other members of the client’s team to deliver projects on time, on budget and in accordance with their intended use. In addition to project based services, Mr. Schauer’s analytical skills are frequently called upon to help clients understand the financial implications to deal terms being considered during the negotiation of and structuring of legal documents. His helpful, patient involvement is a real asset.